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Whether you're hosting a Job Fair, Tradeshow or University Open Day, ScanShake offers immense value to every participating stakeholder



Capture Digital Profiles with easy options to organize, tag, search and export

Event Attendees

Event Attendees

Create a rich profile once, share it via QR codes & collect Contact Cards for follow ups



Customize Data Capture Forms, leverage branded pages & measure event engagement.

How It Works



Downloads the app, sets up a profile, gets a QR code.



Downloads the app, sets up their profile and sets up a contact card.


Visitor Meets Exhibitor at Event

Visitor attends event, meets Exhibitor and presents QR Code.

Scan QR Code

Exhibitor Scans QR Code

Exhibitor scans the visitor’s QR Code and captures the profile instantly.


Visitor Card

Visitor gets a contact card in return to follow up after the event!


Exhibitor Profile

Exhibitor gets entire user profile to follow up after the event.

Transform the way Exhibitors
capture Attendee Data

With ScanShake's Exhibitor app, representatives can capture key information about the people they meet instantly.

  • 1Capturing Data with Quick Scans

    No more paper management. Scan a code and get details digitally.

  • 2Search. Shortlist. Export.

    Search profiles in an instant, create shortlists on the fly and export them for offline use.

  • 3Profile Organization with Tags & Notes

    Add Tags & Notes to profiles and save key highlights of the meeting

  • 4Collaborating in a team

    Working in a team? No Problem. Bring work colleagues on board and "scan" under one banner.

Event Attendees have all they need
in their pocket

Attendees can go worry-free to events without worrying about business cards or resumes

  • 1Profile Creation Using an easy wizard

    Create a Profile once using a step-by-step wizard.

  • 2Capturing Contact Cards for follow ups

    After the scan, Event Attendees get the Exhibitor's Contact Card for post-event follow ups

  • 3Generation of a unique QR code

    Share the QR code with an exhibitor to transfer your profile info. It's quick and efficient.

  • 4Adding Notes to Retain Context

    Event Attendees can add notes against each exhibitor so that they never forget a conversation.

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Varun Vinod Area Manager, Torrecid
Amanda Wilkinson Senior Technical Recruiter, Spalding Consulting Inc
Francine Blume Assistant VP, Career Development, UMUC
Hayley Myaing Corporate Recruiter, Inovalon
Danielle Andrews Recruiting Manager, Lunarline
Charlie Miles Program Manager, DXC Technologies
Windsor Brabson Police Recruiting Sergeant, Norfolk Police Department
Darren Cox Service Director of Employer Services, UMUC
Kamilah Thompson Account Manager, AccelerEd
Kirsty Darlington Regional Sports Business Development Manager, AFC Asian Cup
Abdullatif Almasri HR Assistant & PRO, Fischer
Palavii Pawar Recruitment Specialist, Qurum Business Group
Nauras Ilyas Associate Project Manager, Whitehall & Co

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