6 Ways to Leverage Technology at Your Next Hiring Event

May 28, 2019 by Shanze Sheriar

The technological revolution that started years ago seems to have reached its pinnacle today as there’s no sphere that remains untouched by the currents of technological innovation. These exciting innovations haven’t just disrupted the traditional ways of doing things but have also drastically enhanced the efficiency of workflow processes, while simultaneously reducing the manual effort involved in their execution. Technology, as it has proven, has a Midas touch.

The modern candidate has been raised in this ‘digital age’ and thus hasn’t seen anything beyond the ease, instantaneous and automation that it is synonymous with. Consequently, the modern candidate has little tolerance for old-school ways of doing things and archaic processes that seem out of sync with today’s technology-driven environment.

Recruiters, when crafting a candidate-driven recruiting experience, must take this into account. After all, these days, given the intense competition for top talent, it’s less about candidates impressing you than you being able to impress them.

By presenting yourself as a progressive and futuristic company that is at the leading edge of technology, you can effortlessly entice and draw modern candidates who place a premium on this aspect.

Want to know how to bring your A game with the help of technology? Here are the top 6 ways in which you can add a splash of technology to your next hiring event:

1) Use Mobile Phones

Everyone has a Mobile Phone. It’s an indispensable extension of our lives and we find ourselves using it round the clock. That’s precisely why it’s the best way to reach your target audience when promoting your hiring event. You can send them a series of well-spaced out texts to let them know about the event and its details. It’s cheap, convenient and an extremely efficient way of getting your message across.

You can send them a text a couple of days beforehand to communicate the details of the event and then follow that up with gentle reminders a day before the event. The thing to remember of course is to not abuse the accessibility of this platform; do not be aggressive with your promotions or flood their inbox with messages.

2) Embrace Social Media

While texting is perhaps the simplest and most convenient means to inform your candidates about your event, social media is hands down the path you need to take if you want to get them interested.

The highly visual nature of the platform means that you can incorporate a range of creative and fun ideas to promote your event and build up excitement for it. From employee testimonial posts and corporate culture videos to images from past events and exciting giveaway challenges- there’s a bunch of ideas you can play around with! With platforms like Twitter and Instagram, you can also harness the virality of hashtags to get people talking about your event.

Another creative way you can utilize the appeal of social media is to set up a social media wall at your event. With a social media wall, the photos of people using your event hashtag are displayed on a large screen. Millennial candidates are highly social media savvy and drawn irresistibly to promotional gimmicks that capitalize upon their desire for connectivity.

Yet another idea you could consider is live streaming your whole event to communicate to people who were interested but unable to attend, any significant details they were hoping to acquire. This could help in getting applications from people who were not there but managed to learn about you via the live stream.

Relatable and fun ideas like these can drive a high degree of participation, generating a lot of buzz about your event within the relevant social groups and online platforms.

3) Virtual Reality

Although a fresh entrant in the recruiting space, virtual reality has been creating waves. Pretty much every kind of event has been trying to incorporate virtual technology to add a whole new level of engagement to their events. Employers can leverage virtual technology for their hiring events to give the attendees exciting VR office tours.

With the requisite technology, like VR headsets, they can employ high-resolution 3D visuals to provide immersive tours of their office space to interested candidates. Visually seeing something is always more impactful than hearing about it, so a VR office tour can seamlessly bridge this gap.

VR office tours are gaining popularity in the recruiting event space, but the technology is still not common, given its steep price and limited accessibility. It thus continued to hold a lot of novelty and fascination for candidates. Many candidates these days care as much about the corporate atmosphere/ culture of the place as they do about their compensation package and other wellness benefits. So, showcasing your dynamic culture and assuring them that your corporate environment is conducive to the well being of employees can in many cases be a decisive factor.

4) Surveys and Polls

The success of hiring events is often measured in terms of the degree of engagement they were able to drive. Successfully engage them, and you get your money’s worth, fail to do so, and your event falls flat.

One of the best ways to engage the attendees and demonstrate your commitment to crafting a candidate focused experience is to seek their feedback at the hiring events. Most employers leave this box unticked, so going the extra mile to conduct surveys and polls at your booth can give you a clear advantage. Employers can place a touchscreen or iPad for attendees to fill in the forms. This can give them useful insights about what clicked with the attendees and what they thought were the event’s roadblock or pain points.

5) CV Capture Apps

Recruiters must do everything they can to ensure that the event prioritizes the ease and convenience of the attendees. Attendees don’t like to go through physical processes when they know there’s a digital alternative at hand. When it comes to hiring events, CV capture apps can be a big boost to procedural tasks and activities, removing the need for attendees to bring in and carry hard copies of their resumes throughout the event.

With a CV capture app, the candidate will be required to make an account on the app and input their details. Once they have done so, they’ll receive a QR code. Upon reaching the booth, the employer will scan the QR code, and will be able to access the candidate’s details.

This method doesn’t just reduce massive paper trails and wastage, but it also makes the whole process much more hassle-free. Employers don’t have to remain tied up managing and keeping a tab on the stacks of resumes and can focus instead on engaging and evaluating candidates.

6) Snazzy Booth Displays

For hiring events like job fairs, employers often rely most heavily on booth displays to stand out against the other employers in attendance. A routine and typical booth will never fare well against a fancy, eye-catching booth equipped with up-to-date technology and fancy innovative tools.

Employers should thus make use of digital technologies to set up a winning booth. LED screens, neon signs, backlit banners can go a long way in ensuring that your booth has the greatest visibility and is the most attractive.


Technology is growing at a massive rate and it’s pulling out new innovations one after the other. Event Organizers that are keeping pace with these technology trends are managing to raise the bar and outdo themselves. This is because bringing your A game in large part now depends on how up-to-date and modern your event execution is. If you want to secure top talent without all the rough and tumble of hiring events, make sure that technology is the ace up your sleeve.